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Our Philosophy

Why we act how we act

Matching the available time of people with the work requirements of the companies – this is our core task as a temporary-employment agency. Considering that working hours are also part of our lifetime, we believe that they should not be wasted in a job carried out without motivation. This, in turn, motivates companies to provide quality jobs

Motivation is the key.

So what does that really mean? Put simply: it means motivation by regular feedback, a job which is right for you, challenging tasks, adequate salaries, perks like reimbursement of travel expenses, bonuses, Christmas and holiday allowance, on-the-job training, etc.

A team will only work with passion and involvement if each person is considered a fully-fledged staff member.

A crucial aspect here is open communication – we play with open cards. Our customers have a say in our decisions.

If there is one thing we know, it is that a motivated team is a winning team - and winning makes everybody happy!



You can rely on our performance!

We are a member of iGZ, Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen e.V., which stands for good and sustainable temporary employment in Germany. As an iGZ member, we acknowledge our special responsibility and undertake to comply with the iGZ Code of Ethics, which guarantees sustainable quality assurance towards employees, customers and competitors and goes beyond the existing legal requirements. Especially in today's world, the values enshrined there, such as fairness, reliability, respect, trust and seriousness, are fundamental prerequisites for a trusting relationship between employees and employer.

IZS is the service provider for risk information in the german temporary work sector. As an independent service institute it acquires, verifies and publishes detailed risk information which you, the hirer, can rely on in order to reduce the risk of subsidiary liabilities. Simultaneously we, as a temporary employment agency, document our reliability for you, as our costumer.

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